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Government Relations

We know how to move decision-makers to action and that is because we have strategic relationships, know how to deploy the appropriate advocacy tools at the correct time, and speak the language that public officials understand. We know how to navigate a confusing bureaucratic system to solve your political problems.

Campaign Management

We have designed a number of high profile issue-based campaigns and political campaigns helping politicians to win federal, provincial, and local offices with a 73% win record. Blackridge Strategy develops exceptional campaign strategies, drives effective digital campaigns, creates targeted and impactful content, and provides dynamic instruction on how to maximize results.

Nation Builder Nation Builder

Nation Builder & Web Development

Blackridge Strategy is one of a select number of strategy firms with in-house staff that are NationBuilder Expert and NationBuilder Architect Certified. Our team of strategists, digital artists, and multimedia experts design high-quality websites and have executed several successful digital campaigns using NationBuilder as well as other platforms to drive public opinion, influence decision makers, and win elections.

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Content Creation & Social Media

Whether it is an email, media release, blog, or social media post, our expert communications team creates quality written content that is well-researched and relevant to the audience you are targeting. We are highly proficient and experienced in using all social media platforms to deliver content that maintains brand integrity and is delivered without error under intense public scrutiny.

Research & Polling

Blackridge Strategy’s in-house research division delivers clear, meaningful, and useful insights to position communications effectively for a successful campaign and issue-based strategies. Our researchers conduct scientific IVR polls, extensive background investigations, and use proprietary methodologies to inform the strategies of our clients.


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